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What Makes A Mobile Website “Good”?

If you have ever done a search on your smartphone and visited a website that came up in the results, it is very likely that you ended up on a microscopic version of the business’ main website.  You know, the kind of site where you have to zoom and scroll just to read it. Well, studies have shown that businesses…read more →

Is Your Business Ready for Mobile?

Mobile is growing by leaps and bounds…and with the smartphone explosion, it does not look to slow down anytime soon. Below is an infographic that we came across that shows what the mobile revolution means to small businesses.  The survey conducted uncovered some interesting (and exciting) statistics that should get business owners excited about the possibilities for their business when…read more →

Mobile Commerce Explosion

One thing can be said for Internet Marketing, it’s always changing.  Not that long ago all that was needed was a website.  Not even a well-made site, just anything that staked out a place online.  Then Google came along and changed things up a bit.  Just any old site was not going to cut it. Using email to build relationships…read more →

How Search Works…The Video

If you saw the info-graphic in the post “How Google Works“, you may like to see how search works.  This time it’s explained by Google’s search guru, Matt Cutts.   Check it out…      

The Evolution of Local Search

 Today, more and more companies are livin’ la vida local as online search expands and evolves at a rapid rate. Still, it’s not always easy to understand the logistics of local search, from what works well with consumers to how businesses can improve their local listings. To help you leverage the local search marketing scene, MDG Advertising developed this insightful…read more →