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Is Social Media a Fad? Do You Care?

Social Media.

To some it is part of who they are, how they interact with the world around them.  It is as  much a part of their daily life as swimming is to fish.

To others it is some odd, unnecessary “thing” that is making society less able to actually speak to each other (and spell).

Well, like so many things from history, some changes are signs of and tools of progress.  They have been embraced and widely adopted and they are not going away.  And if you want to be relevant you must be willing to get on board to some degree. Every generation has technology & tools that the older generation just consider new fangled fads.

Social Media is one of these “new fangled fads”.

I know many people who have no idea what it is, why it might be important and surely do not know how to use it effectively (or even appropriately).

There was MySpace.  There is Facebook.  Twitter.  LinkedIn…on and on and on.  What is this stuff?  And how can it possibly really be worth paying attention to for more than a few seconds?

Check out this video and be prepared to be amazed, surprised, perhaps even a little bit frightened.

Is Social Media a fad?  I don’t think so.


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